Maxim Atanassov
Maxim Atanassov

My life has been shaped by good advice and hard work. I have always believed that "Luck comes to the prepared". You have to put yourself in the arena, and not being afraid of being knocked down. What's important is that every time you get knocked down, you get up. "Failure is the path to trailblazing and discovery!"

Successful businesses are built by people with chip, grit and perseverance. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. The lows are really low and the highs are really high.

I borrowed money to come to Canada. I had just enough to pay my first year of university and live for a year on $2,500. This was hard. But failure was not an option.

I love business and building companies. I co-founded my first company in my 3rd year of university. I have failed and I have succeeded. And it is that collection of lived experiences that helps me navigate the scale-up journey.

I have found 6 companies to date. In 2021, I started a Business Transformation Consultancy to allow me to stay sharp by working on really hard problems. I invest in companies via my Family Office. My latest project is Vinerra.

I believe my purpose is to be a good human, be a changemaker for changemakers and drive positive social impact.

You can follow my work at Would love to connect with you on LinkedIn.

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Maxim Atanassov

Maxim Atanassov

Serial entrepreneur, founder, investor, board member with a passion to support founders who are hell bent on defining the future.